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These days Social Media Marketing is so important to your SEO, it truly must be incorporated into the strategy as a whole. Internet Marketing consists of many different aspects of web design, SEO, speed and social media marketing. Posts and images can be linked to your social pages and social page posts and images back to your website. Set up correctly this can have a very positive effect on search engine ranking. On Top Web Designs has the proper techniques to get this done right the first time. We see it all the time…great looking websites with wonderful content and functions and nobody ever sees it because it is always back on page 5 or even worse.

Website design with Google+, Facebook & Twitter

Proven Social Media Background

We come up with content that is fresh and relevant time after time for all of our sites, and it is always information that’s needed and wanted by your customers.

We can manage all of your social pages, including important posts that need to be done periodically for search engine optimization.

Posts, new company info & pictures are always good for your company website, they are GREAT for SEO!

SMM importance

Social Media Management


We set up your Facebook page and either show you what you need to do or we take complete control, this is an optional service that is negotiated during contractual agreements.


We can control your Twitter feed or show you what the best strategy is and let you take control, this is an optional service usually negotiated on a contract.

Google plus page

The most important social media platform, very valuable to your business’s SEO ranking. Another that can be controlled by On Top Web Designs or (to save on your marketing budget) you take control.


In addition to your personal page your business should have it’s own page. You can set it up to manage right from your personal page or let us take control and manage it for you.

Google Plus

Google plus is so important for local SEO. If your business is not already verified for a business page we will set this up for you and take care of the whole process.

Youtube videos

You will not believe how much a Youtube video channel can help with SEO, Search engine companies give a lot of weight to videos and they can shoot up to the top quickly.